Everything you should know
before Traveling to BOLIVIA

1 March 2022
Capital: La Paz
Currency: Bolivian boliviano
Official Language: Bolivian Spanish, Aymara language
Dial Code: +591
Emergency Number: (1) Police - 110 (2) Ambulance - 118 (3) Fire - 119
GDP: 89.02 billion USD (2019)
Population: 11.43 million (2019)
Time Zone: UTC−4 Bolivia Time
TheSassyBlogger Flag: The state flag and ensign (and war flag) is a horizontal tricolor of red, yellow and green with the Bolivian coat of arms in the center. The red stands for Bolivia's brave soldiers, while the green symbolizes fertility and yellow the nation's mineral deposits.

BOLIVIA Known for:

1. Massive salt flats
Bolivia boasts many breathtaking sites, although the most famous is undoubtedly its otherworldly salt flats. Known as the Salar de Uyuni, this spectacular great white expanse is the largest and highest in the world.
2. llamas
With such altitude comes an abundance of furry alpacas who can be seen wandering through the mountainous terrain with their traditionally dressed shepherds in tow. Equally famous are the colorful alpaca wool jumpers which serve as the perfect Andean souvenir.
3. A cornucopia of cocaine
Bolivians won’t want to hear this, but it’s undeniable many outsiders associate the country with the cocaine trade. Bolivia produces the third largest crop of coca leaf in the world (after Peru and Colombia), yet most locals think poorly of the destructive derivative that is cocaine.

Best Food that you should taste once:
1. Saltena
A saltena is a type of baked empanada from Bolivia. Saltenas are savory pastries filled with beef, pork or chicken mixed in a sweet, slightly spicy sauce containing olives, raisins and potatoes. Vegetarian saltenas are sometimes available at certain restaurants.
2. Silpancho
It consists of a base layer of rice, usually white, followed by a layer of boiled and sliced potatoes. Next, a thin layer of pounded meat is followed by a layer of chopped tomato. In addition, onion, beet and parsley are mixed together and topped with either one or two fried eggs.
3. Arroz con
Arroz con queso is a traditional Bolivian dish with a strikingly white color. It consists of rice (preferably short and plump, such as Arborio), milk, and semi-firm white cheese.

Best Places to visit:
1. La Paz
La Paz is the highest capital city on the planet, beating Quito, Ecuador for the honor by 2000 feet (800 meters). The largest city in Bolivia, La Paz is a lofty affair. Situated at over 3,650m this really is a city in the clouds, indeed it is the highest capital in the world!
2. Potosi
Potosí, known as Villa Imperial de Potosí in the colonial period, is the capital city and a municipality of the Department of Potosí in Bolivia. It is one of the highest cities in the world at a nominal 4,090 metres (13,420 ft). For centuries, it was the location of the Spanish colonial silver mint.
3. Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, commonly known as Santa Cruz, is the largest city in Bolivia and the capital of the Santa Cruz department. Situated on the Pirai River in the eastern Tropical Lowlands of Bolivia, the Santa Cruz de la Sierra Metropolitan Region is the most populous urban agglomeration in Bolivia.
4. Cochabamba
Cochabamba is a city in central Bolivia located in a valley in the Andes mountain range. It is the fourth largest city in the country and capital of the Cochabamba Department. Cochabamba is one of the safest cities in Bolivia and it is safe to walk deserted streets even at night. Parks are safest during the day, but are usually safe at night as well.
5. Oruro
It is Bolivia's fifth-largest city by population, after Santa Cruz de la Sierra, El Alto, La Paz, and Cochabamba. It is the capital of the Department of Oruro and the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oruro. Oruro has been subject to cycles of boom and bust owing to its dependence on the mining industry, notably tin, tungsten (wolfram), silver and copper.

Best Season to visit
Dry Season- The dry season is high season in Bolivia as crystal clear skies and a distinct lack of rain allow tourists to hike and climb to their heart’s content. The best months for outdoor adventures are May through August when the chance of rain is minuscule. The downside is that it can get bitterly cold in the highlands at this time of year.

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