Everything you should know
before Traveling to GERMANY

17 April 2022
Capital: Berlin
Currency: Euro
Official Language: German
Dial Code: +49
Emergency Number: (1) Police - 110 (2) Ambulance - 112 (3) Fire - 112
GDP: 4.45 trillion USD (2020)
Population: 83.17 million (2019)
Time Zone: UTC+1 Central European Time
                UTC+2 Central European Summer Time

TheSassyBlogger Flag: The tricolor horizontal bands consist of the official colors of Germany which are black, red, and gold. The colors used in the national flag of Germany date back to the republican democracy proposed in the 1800s to represent unity and freedom considered to be prevalent in Germany.

GERMANY is Known for:

1. Castles
It's hard to imagine a postcard from rural Germany without an enchanting castle somewhere in the background. When you cycle the Rhine Valley or explore Bavaria, the sheer quantity of medieval and more modern castles is almost overwhelming.
2. Cars & Autobahn
Ever since Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz pioneered internal combustion engines, Germany has had a love affair with the automobile. This has resulted in numerous brands and models that have a justifiably famous global reputation. You've probably heard of the major brands namely Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche.
3. Massive Beer Tents
Perhaps most importantly, the event has become a showcase for southern Germany's superb beers. Tents at the festival are sponsored by major breweries. Capable of housing 6,000 attendees, these are some of the biggest tents ever erected.

Best Food that you should taste once:
1. Currywurst
Currywurst is a fast food dish of German origin consisting of steamed, and fried pork sausage typically cut into bite-sized chunks and seasoned with curry ketchup, a sauce based on spiced ketchup or tomato paste topped with curry powder, or a ready-made ketchup seasoned with curry and other spices. The dish is often served with fries.
2. Sauerbraten
Sauerbraten can be made of many different types of meat such as beef, lamb, pork, horse, or venison, which are marinated in wine, vinegar, spices, herbs, and seasoning for about 9-10 days.
3. Bratwurst
Bratwurst is a type of German sausage made from veal, beef, or most commonly pork. The name is derived from the Old High German Bratwurst, from brat-, finely chopped meat, and Wurst, sausage, although in modern German it is often associated with the verb braten, to pan fry or roast.

Best Places to visit:
1. Berlin
Berlin is well recognized for its historical associations as Germany's capital, internationalism and tolerance, a vibrant nightlife, countless cafes, clubs, pubs, street art, and a plethora of museums, palaces, and other historic monuments. The city is experiencing a cultural rebirth, with everything from museums to fashion to restaurants and nightclubs.
2. Munich
Munich is the most beautiful and lively city in the country. The German city is best known for its appealing architecture, great breweries and fascinating Museums. Large parks, delicious German food and jam-packed beer halls add charm to this gorgeous place. Home to the largest science and technology museum globally, the city is filled with tourist attractions
3. Hamburg
Hamburg is Germany's second-largest economic center, Germany's most busy port and significant industrial metropolis. Today Hamburg is an attractive, contemporary city and cultural center, internationally renowned for its opera, theatre, magazines and libraries, radio, television and film studios.
4. Frankfurt
The Frankfurt am Main City Zoological Garden is one of the country's finest zoos. Among the city's other attractions are the Städel Art Institute and Municipal Gallery, the Senckenberg Natural History Museum, and the Liebieghaus Museum of Sculpture. he city is known for its futuristic skyline and the busiest German airport.
5. Cologne
Cologne is rich in museums and galleries. These include the Wallraf-Richartz and Ludwig museum complex, with an exceptionally comprehensive collection ranging from paintings of the medieval Cologne school to contemporary art; the Schnütgen Museum of medieval ecclesiastical art; the Museum of Oriental Art, with artworks from China and Japan; and the Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum, with ethnological collections.

Best Season to visit
Summer - When the weather is pleasantly warm, with temperatures typically in the low to mid-20s. Especially during the peak of summer, expect thick tourist crowds and accommodation and airfare rates to be at the highest prices of the year.

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