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19 May 2022
Capital: Honiara
Currency: Solomon Islands Dollar
Official Language: English
Dial Code: +667
Emergency Number: 911, 999
GDP: 51.48 billion USD (2019)
Population: 652,857 (2018)
Time Zone: UTC+11
TheSassyBlogger Flag: The five white stars represent the five main island groups. Blue is said to represent the surrounding ocean; green represents the land, and the yellow stripe is symbolic of sunshine.


1. Beach Soccer
The Island country has its own national beach soccer team known as the Bilikiki Boys. Statistically, they are the most successful beach soccer team in Oceania as they have won all the three regional championships up till this moment. In 2010, the Bilikiki Boys team ranked 14th in the world.
2. Trade
Palm kernels, palm oil, cocoa, timber, dried coconut (copra), and fish majorly contributes to the economy of Solomon Islands as they are exported to various European and Asian countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Singapore, Japan, and Thailand.
3. Radio
The use of radio is very common among the people of the Island because of the differences in Language as well as illiteracy. Solomon Islands has two commercial FM stations, namely Z FM at 99.5 in Honiara and PAOA FM at 97.7 in Honiara.

Best Food that you should taste once:
1. Poi
The unofficial national dish’ of the Solomon Islands, Poi is made from rinsed taro roots and then turned into a paste. It’s a savory side dish.
2. Cassava Pudding
This savory cake style dish is made by combining grated cassava, sweet potato and coconut milk. The ingredients are then wrapped in banana leaves to bake for hours amongst hot stones. Cassava is usually served with grilled fish, steamed vegetables or papaya curry.
3. Kara
Place the leaves, pour a little coconut cream on it, put a layer of cassava and pour a bit of coconut cream on top. Put the corned beef in the middle, pour coconut cream on top of the meat and put another layer of cassava. Wrap in banana leaves, ready to be baked in the lovo or steam.

Best Places to visit:
1. Honaira
Honiara is on the island of Guadalcanal, which was a major battleground when US forces invaded to dislodge the Japanese occupiers in World War II. Situated on the island of Guadalcanal, the country's biggest island, Honiara is the capital of and gateway to Solomon Islands.
2. Tulagi
Tulagi, less commonly known as Tulaghi, is a small island in the Solomon Islands, just off the south coast of Ngella Sule. The town of the same name on the island was the capital of the British Solomon Islands Protectorate from 1896 to 1942 and is today the capital of the Central Province. The island was originally chosen by the British as a comparatively isolated and healthier alternative to the disease-ridden larger islands of the Solomon Islands archipelago.
3. Visale
Visale is a general name for the community Solomon Islands. Visale is located in West Guadalcanal. In 2004, the Sacred Heart Parish Church celebrated the 100 years anniversary of Christian faith.
4. Gizo
Gizo is the capital of the Western Province in Solomon Islands. It is the second largest town in the country and is situated on Ghizo Island. Gizo has a small landing strip on the nearby island of Nusatupe to the north east of the town, making it relatively developed compared to other settlements in the general vicinity. These days Gizo is a tourism centre with diving and surfing being popular activities.
5. Auki
Auki is the provincial capital of Malaita Province, Solomon Islands. It is situated on the northern end of Langa Langa Lagoon on the north-west coast of Malaita Island. It is one of the largest provincial towns in Solomon Islands. It was established as the administrative center for Malaita Province in 1909.

Best Season to visit
December and February- Most tourists arrive into the country between the months of December and February, as this is the long holiday season for tourists from Australia and New Zealand.

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