Everything you should know
before Traveling to MADAGASCAR

13 February 2022
Capital: Antananarivo
Currency: Malagasy Ariary
Official Language: Malagasy language, French
Dial Code: +261
Emergency Number: (1) Police - 117 (2) Ambulance - 124 (3) Fire - 118
GDP: 45.95 billion USD (2019)
Population: 26.26 million (2018)
Time Zone: UTC+3 East Africa Time
TheSassyBlogger Flag: The colors used in the flag represent the tradition, history, and culture of the country. The Merina Kingdom of Madagascar that ruled over the region prior to colonization by France used red and white as the traditional colors. These two colors were used in the flag of Queen Ranavalona III, one of the monarchs of the Merina kingdom.

MADAGASCAR is Known for:

1. Wonderful Culture
The culture of the Madagascan people draws significantly from the Malagasy culture with significant inspirations from various nations such as France, China, and India. The traditional Malagasy religion still has a vast number of adherents within the island nation.
2. Lemur
The animals native to Madagascar are some of the unique in the world with several being endemic to the island. Madagascar is home to a distinctive primate known as the lemur which is famous not only due to its colors but also because of its behavior. The Malagasy population of lemurs faces the threat of extinction as some species are considered critically endangered while others are vulnerable.
3. Unique Plants
Malagasy plant life is some of the world's most diverse as well as unique. On the island, both non-vascular and vascular plants bloom with nearly 83% of the vascular plants existing only on the island. Orchids dominate the island with more than 900 species with slightly over 85% being unique to the island.

Best Food that you should taste once:
1. Lasary
Lasary is probably the most famous and popular dish in Madagascar. It’s not an only dish itself, in fact, it’s a side dish for fish or meat. The dish is the result of a mix of cabbage, carrots, onions, green beans and vinaigrette.
2. Kaka Pizon (caca pigeon)
Kaka pizon taste like fried wonton and make the perfect substitute for crisps. Also, in some areas of the country, you can buy them with chili paste.
3. Foza sy henakisoa
Visiting Madagascar and not try this dish is like visiting Spain and avoids delicious paella. Foza sy hena-kisoa is the results of a delicious mix of stir-fried crab, lobster, pork, lime juice and ginger. Also, like most dishes of Madagascar, the Foza sy hena-kisoa is served with a bowl of rice.

Best Places to visit:
1. Antananarivo
Antananarivo , also known by its colonial shorthand form Tana, is the capital and largest city of Madagascar. All eighteen Malagasy ethnic groups, as well as residents of Chinese, Indian, European and other origins, are represented in the city. It was founded circa 1610, when the Merina King Andrianjaka (1612–1630) expelled the Vazimba inhabitants of the village of Analamanga.
2. Ranohira
Ranohira is a town and commune in Madagascar. It belongs to the district of Ihosy, which is a part of Ihorombe Region. Primary and junior level secondary education are available in town. It is also a site of industrial-scale mining. It is the closest town to the Isalo National Park.
3. Ifanadiana
Ifanadiana is a town and commune in Madagascar. It belongs to the district of Ifanadiana, which is a part of the region Vatovavy. The majority 70% of the population of the commune are farmers. The most important crops are coffee and rice, while other important agricultural products are bananas, beans and cassava.
4. Toamasina
Toamasina , meaning "like salt" or "salty", unofficially and in French Tamatave, is the capital of the Atsinanana region on the east coast of Madagascar on the Indian Ocean. Toamasina owes its importance to the existence of a coral reef which forms a spacious harbour, entered by two openings. The city center is built on a sandy peninsula which projects at right angles from the general coastline.
5. Toliara
Toliara is a city in Madagascar. It is the capital of the Atsimo-Andrefana region, located 936 km southwest of national capital Antananarivo. The port played a key role during the "boom corn" years in the 1980s and 90s. Today, the arrival of migrants contributing to agricultural production and livestock supplying the city markets with food, has contributed to the development of small informal businesses.

Best Season to visit
July to November- July to September to see humpback whales. These are often considered the prime months to visit with excellent weather and stunning beach relaxation accommodation. October and November are excellent for baby lemurs, in fact this is Sales Manager, Arabella’s favorite time to go. Lemurs in general can be seen year round.

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